Egg white and whey increase testosterone and fertility of men according to study

Egg whites and whey can be useful to increase testosterone and at the same time to limit the damage of diets that are too high in fat. This was the result of new research by Karma Pearce, a researcher at the University of South Australia who conducted a study with fertility specialist Kelton Tremellen of Flinders University.

This study confirms the direct link between diet and testosterone and shows that there is a real link between what men eat and the behaviour of their main sex hormone. The same study confirms that a diet high in fat, even relatively healthy fats such as monounsaturated olive oil fats, can have a negative impact on testosterone production within five hours. This is surprising because foods such as olive oil have always been considered healthy and part of an equally healthy diet such as the Mediterranean diet.

However, as Dr. Pearce says, “good and bad fats are presumed to behave as they are described – but what is surprising is that it wasn’t the type of fat that mattered as an equal amount of good and bad fats significantly reduced testosterone production.

The researchers tested eight different “Western” diets and found that certain individual foods, such as egg whites and whey, could limit the negative impact of these diets on testosterone levels: “In this study we also found that consumption of egg whites – the protein in egg whites – increased testosterone levels and did so four times over fasting, while albumin, combined with bad saturated fat, somehow improved the effect of bad fats on testosterone levels, providing another influencer based on the testosterone level diet,” says the researcher.
The study was published in the journal Nutrients.