The world’s first hydrogen-powered cities will be built in South Korea

There is talk of the “first hydrogen city” in relation to a new project that the South Korean government intends to carry out over the next few years. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has in fact announced that it has chosen the first four candidate cities to become the country’s first “hydrogen cities”.

These are Ansan, Ulsan, Wanju and Jeonju, which will have to replace the energy sources they currently use with hydrogen sources and this will also affect all houses and residences. The government plans to use conventional hydrogen technology with projects for which more than 29 billion won (over 22 million euros) will be invested in each of the chosen cities.

The industrial complexes will be transformed into hydrogen-related industries and collaborations will be set up with the industry that already takes energy from the tides and with the companies of the oil plants where the by-product hydrogen will be collected.

The hydrogen collected will be used as fuel for buildings, city facilities or even to recharge electric cars. In addition, these cities will be upgraded their networks with Internet of Things functionality.